Grime Sessions & Project LIVE

Artist Case study: SLY & ESTAR


‘Without these music courses, artists wouldn’t have the exposure, the platforms and the opportunities to develop, perform and learn more about the music scene’.

Since then, SLY & ESTAR have enrolled in other musical projects such as 2Funkys Grime and Trap Sessions part 2, Voices for Mental Health, Pedestrian’s Perfect Score Conference, HQs Development Project and have performed at Festival2Funky 2019 & 2020.

Both artists became an official duo in 2018, releasing their first song Nothing To Lose on all major platforms in 2020, and in March 2021, they released their 2nd single, SpinKick.

They also have a YouTube channel where they post visuals- such as their TightRope Virtual Set, PRESS PLAY and their Greatness Freestyle– and are regular performers around the UK scene.

Keep your eyes peeled for this fire duo who are sure to go big places!

Check them out at @slyandestar on Instagram and @slyandestar on Facebook.

SLY & ESTAR are a versatile male female artist duo, who

rap and sing, fusing the genres of hip-hop, trap & rnb. Through combining clever wordplay, impactful lyricism, vocal melodies and energetic stage presence, they create their own unique sound.

Both artists first met at our Grime Sessions Project in 2018.

This was ESTARs first time being involved in a music project. She comments ‘I always loved music but never thought about being an artist, as I was mainly a writer, until I came to 2funky. This course helped me grow in confidence and showed me what I could be capable of’.

Oh the other hand, SLY joined Grime Sessions looking to expand his artistry and craft. SLY has taken part in many 2Funky music projects before, such as: Project Band, Words Without Weapons and the first ever Project LIVE.

SLY comments: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed Project LIVE and working with singing Coach Carol Leeming and collaborating with a live band because I’m used to rapping with backing tracks. This 6 month project made me want to take music more seriously and build up my profile to a higher level’.

ESTAR was part of the latest Project LIVE (2019). She says that since Grime Sessions she knew Project LIVE would be the next step up for her, to develop her artistry.

‘I was ecstatic to be picked for this project. It really helped me to learn more about performing and working with a live band. And it proved that I can perform my own set!’.