Project LIVE

Artist Case study: LVT

LVT is an upcoming Rapper, Singer and Songwriter from Leicester who specialises in Hip Hop, RnB and Trap RnB.

She has always been passionate about music, with her journey starting when she was around 7-8 yrs old. She used to sing in her granddad’s church and from here got involved in school plays, the choir and talent shows. She studied music at Beauchamp College and learnt how to DJ, mix and master tracks as well as record her own music. From here she went to university and started recording music covers which she uploaded to Instagram and she also released her first single Old Me.


LVT has been very active in Leicester’s music scene, performing at various events such as 2Funky Music Café’s open mic nights and Festival2Funky. She has also released a couple of music videos on the P110 UK music channel- Closer and Mind Games– and has had her music played on BBC Introducing, Radio2Funky and EAVA FM.

She took part in our 2020 Project:LIVE programme and recently performed alongside a live band at Festival2Funky 2021 as part of the Project:LIVE showcase event. LVT applied for this project because she wanted to improve and grow as an artist as well as learn more about the business side of music.

She says: “Project LIVE has helped me to perform better. I learnt how to manoeuvre on the stage especially as a rapper, to make the audience feel what I feel when I perform. I can definitely say I would prefer to perform with a band compared to a DJ, because it made me feel so alive; it’s just a different feeling. [Project:LIVE] has definitely made me better at networking with other artists too!”.

LVT highly recommends this project to any upcoming artists as ‘Project:LIVE brings life to music’!

Since Project: LIVE, LVT has started planning to shoot a music video for one of her tracks ‘Talking my shit’ featuring Tongasiys from her EP. She also had a performance on August 14th at the Formation All Day Jungle Slammer Event and is excited to be performing again, with more shows to come.

Go check out her latest EP- WHO AM I– which was released on the 17th November 2020. It talks about some of LVT’s struggles growing up, relationships and university experiences.  Make sure you also check out her most recent and favourite music video- Old Me Remix– which is about change and leaving behind the old you to find the new you. 

To keep up to date with LVT’s journey, follow her @themogullvt on Instagram and @themogullvt on Facebook.

We are excited to see what new music and projects she has coming up and where she goes next!