Inner city radio

We are excited to announce that Radio2Funky is now available LIVE on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

So, refresh your devices and select Radio2Funky, we are on 95FM & DAB across Leicester. You can find us online via as well as LIVE streaming via Facebook, YouTube & Twitch.

Set up by 2Funky Arts in 2012, Radio2Funky is an FM station that promotes music and arts of Black origin, while maintaining an inclusive ethos. It is a dynamic platform that caters for the musical tastes of Leicester’s diverse communities, particularly those of Black and minority ethnic origins aged 16-30.

The station currently has 60,000+ listeners per month plus a strong, dedicated team of 50 presenters, DJs, & volunteers, which continues to grow.

Radio2Funky has a full and varied show schedule with shows ranging from specific music genres, undiscovered talent to current topics. 

The station also champions home-grown talent and highlights local artists through shows and a monthly playlist.

Check out Radio2Funky’s monthly LC playlist which features the hottest new releases from upcoming and established artists around Leicester.