And Still I Rise

Artist showcase

‘It’s extremely important that we provide an empowering spotlight for Black artists, as well as an opportunity to celebrate resilience and unity’.

-Vijay Mistry

Our 2020 project 'And Still I Rise', helped us to represent local black artists and give them a platform to express their artistry &

voices, in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.

In Autumn 2020, 2Funky Arts commissioned 12 emerging Black, African and Caribbean artists to develop/ showcase exciting new work.

Artists were from across the East Midlands; they utilised vocals, rapping, dance, photography, theatre and poetry.

Each selected artist was paid to create a 10-15 minute performance in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and/ or the disproportionate ipact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority communities.

These performance pieces were then showcased as part of Black History Month, on 31 October 2020, at 2Funky Music Café (socially distanced audience of 60) and livestreamed/ available to a wider audience (7K+).

Artists were: Marcus Joseph, Morgan Munroe, The Orator, Strizzy Strauss, Mary Ann Ezeh, Tian Mhende (TM), Mr Bonnie Blazer, Stanza Divan, Helder Delgado, Kaozara Oyalowo, Lydia Lutudi and Khaleem The Speaker.