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Artist Case study: AVI ODESSA

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Avi Odessa is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer who creates music in various genres from pop, r&b, soul and dancehall.

Before working with us, Avi had been in the process of creating his first album, taking his time so he can create a body of work that best represents what he is capable of, whilst showcasing his vocal, writing and composition skills.

As a new, upcoming artist, he had never performed with a live band before and had limited performance experience.

That changed when he got accepted into our first round of Project Live in 2023.

“I saw the post on Instagram and thought let’s try this. You have to be open to lean more and develop skills, and this was the perfect opportunity”.

Through masterclasses, regular rehearsal sessions, performance opportunities and mentoring, Avi learnt a lot through our project, and really developed as an artist.

He learnt about the importance of your rights in the industry, understanding yourself as an artist, as well as tips about songwriting and stage presence, through our diverse range of music masterclasses.

Project Live sparked an interest in Avi about directing a live band, and with thanks to Musical Director Lisa Millett, he was able to showcase his work with so much passion and life.

He gained a lot of confidence on the way and developed his stage presence through performance opportunities  at Leicester Riverside Festival and Abbey Park Bonfire Night.

‘My favourite part of the project was the rehearsals. It was the whole process of experimenting and perfecting, to try and get my vision to come to life, and make it work with the live band’.

Since the project, he is very keen to continue performing with a live band element and hopes to reach bigger audiences. His next steps are to finish his album and release it, alongside music videos which will compliment his sound, gain more exposure and continue to grow the Avi Odessa brand.

Avi was an exceptional artist on Project Live and we are excited to support his music journey.

Make sure you follow him on Instagram @aviodessa so you can keep up with his music journey and be the first to hear about new music.