The LC Hip-Hop History Project

Over the course of 4 weeks

young people explored the vibrant heritage of Black Arts in Leicester, from the 80s onwards. They learnt about the different art forms that contributed to Hip-Hop culture and shaped it into what it is today.

Art forms include: DJ Skills/ Turntablism, Radio Broadcasting, MCing, Black Dance Styles, Graffiti Art and Food & Social Rituals.

Not only did they learn about Leicester’s Hip-Hop history, but they were taught by specialists who were physically involved in the early Hip-Hop scene, and are experts in their fields.

Arts Specialists include:  DJ KMS, DJ SS, Shaun Bailey, Craeski, Jenny James and guests

Now, we are in the process of making our LC Hip-Hop History documentary!

This consists of interviews with both the specialists and participants, and also includes some footage from the project sessions.

This documentary will be screened at 2Funky Music Café on Thursday 14th October 7 pm – 9.30 pm, as part of Black History Month 2021. There will also be live performances from the participants on this project as well as other young artists.


So make sure you come along and let us transport you back in time, and show you how crucial Leicester was to the Hip-Hop scene.

SAVE THE DATE and see for yourself how the culture, the music and the art form has changed.