A 12 Week Radio Training Project

Youth Radio

Youth Radio was a 12 week training project for young people that we have ran at different locations in Leicester, including Evington Youth Club, Radio2Funky and Belgrave Youth Club.

This project was created to develop young people’s artistic and technical skills in radio production, so they can learn how to produce youth-led radio content.  

In total we had approximately 42 participants involved in Youth Radio, between 16-25 years old, all being mentored by highly experienced music practitioners, Bhavik Solanki and Vijay Umrao.

 During the 12 weeks, participants learnt about:

  • Editing music via computer software
  • Creating radio demos/ jingles
  • Writing a radio advert
  • Presenting live radio
  • Radio interview skills
  • Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code
  • Reviewing an event or music piece in radio
  • Setting up radio equipment and software

Youth Radio has been a very successful project, resulting in 14 new youth led radio shows featured on Radio2Funky! With each show having a unique theme/ focus on music of Black Origin.

Check out what our previous participants had to say:

”I learned a lot about radio which is what I wanted to know. I also wanted to know how to have my own show which I learned. I’m happy that I have my own show now.”

I really enjoyed learning about how radio works. The training was fun but they also made it a lot easier to understand. I received a lot of support when starting as I was very nervous and I didn’t want to mess up, so it helped having someone there to direct you. Now I’m finally doing it on my own and I’m loving every minute of it”LVT