The Lockdown Sessions

The Lockdown sessions is a new project that we are running, to teach young people about the transferable media skills in creating podcasts. We want young people to gain and develop their self-confidence and communication skills, and explore their feelings/ views on the pandemic through self-expression in either music or poetry, and discussion. 

This project is aimed at 10 young people aged 16-25.

During this project, you will be provided with a tablet to attend various virtual workshop sessions, such as brainstorming/ freestyle sessions, and you will also receive recording sessions to record your self-reflections of lockdown in your preferred art form (music/poetry).

Each 3-4 minutes of content that you create will be professionally edited in house to create a short series of 10 podcasts, called The Lockdown Sessions. These podcasts will feature (anonymised if necessary) different forms of spoken word, lyrical content, music and a Q&A, to illustrate these young people’s personal experiences of lockdown.

Podcasts will be shared across Radio2Funky.

Our aim is to create debate on the impact of lockdown on young people and encourage young people to seek help when needed.

This project is funded by Near Neighbours.