Youth Radio 2022

developing young people’s skills

Supported using public funding, by Children In Need

Youth Radio is a 12 week training project that will take place at Waterfront Spors & Education Academy.

It aims to develop young people’s skills in technical and creative aspects of radio production, so that they can create youth-led radio content.

Young people will develop their musical knowledge with practical sessions around different equipment (mixers, mics, CDJ’s), and will also be trained in: DJing, interviewing, presenting, blogging and content creation.

Workshops are led by highly experienced music practitioners, Bhavik Solanki and Vijay Umrao.

During this project, young people will work collaboratively towards creating content for recording and podcasting. They will also learn useful skills that can help lead them to developing their own radio show with Radio2Funky.

This project is aimed at young people aged 16-18 years, and will give you the opportunity to work towards a Bronze Arts Award accreditation.