The Music Industry Bootcamp Sessions

On Saturday 26th February 2022, we organised a full day of quick masterclasses in collaboration with EAVA FM. The aim of this event, was to equip upcoming artists with as much knowledge and insight into different areas of the music industry, in one full day!

We had an amazing turnout for this event, and tickets were almost sold out for all the sessions.

We provided masterclasses in: 
Artist Rights, Building an Artist Campaign, Streaming,
Vocal Coaching, Social Media Campaigns
The Artist Journey in 2022 and Beyond


Each session was also led by a music industry professional that had expertise in their chosen field. Speakers were:      Shao Dow – Independent Rapper
Nick Eziefula – Partner at Media law firm Simkins
Tasha Demi – Cofounder of TWENTY:TWO AGENCY
Mark Russell – Director at bmicro (marketing consultancy business)
Lisa Millett – Top Vocalist and Songwriter in house music
Tom Williamson – Head of Streaming


This event was held at EAVA FM.