Supporting Promoter talent

We are looking to work with 6 regional promoters, on our exciting project:



TakeOff is a project that aims to provide new opportunities for promoters, by developing their artistic and technical talent, as well as giving them the platform to create and host their own live music event.

This development opportunity, will allow us to explore new business models with promoters, and host alternative types of live music events that we may not usually programme. This will help to further diversify 2Funky Music Café and the music scene as a whole.

Each promoter will receive a budget to create their event, and will programme a high quality headliner alongside 3 local support acts. They will also receive 5 days of invaluable insight and mentoring around marketing, budgeting, producing, stage management etc, as well as industry panel meetings and more.

With over 20+ years of artist development and promoting experience to share with you,
apply now, grow your ideas and let them TAKEOFF!

TakeOff is supported using public funding through Arts Council England.