Supporting Promoter talent


With over 20 years of promoting experience, we can strongly further your sector development and have a proven track record of ensuring our programmes connect with a wider arts sector.

Apply today & help expand the live music scene

TakeOff is a project which supports regional and emerging promoter talent by exploring new business models, and opening 2Funky’s venues to alternative music ideas.

This project aims to provide new opportunities for promoters by developing their artistic and technical talent, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise of the music scene.

This is accomplished through:

  • mentoring sessions.
  • a fixed budget to programme and produce a live music event, with a high profile headline act and local support artists,
  • gaining experience in marketing, budgeting, managing, producing and stage management.
  • open access panel discussions from renowned industry experts.
    [Previous panel members include: Singer Natasha Watts, Music Producer Shaun Bailey, National Music Promoter Santi Medrano]
  • development and marketing plans. This will give each promoter a personalised take-away template to support their practice going forward.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Vijay Mistry on [email protected]

TakeOff is supported using public funding through Arts Council England.