Live Stream for Radio2Funky Project

Radio2Funky 95FM is looking to create a studio live stream for the community of Leicester to access via our website.

As a community radio station in Leicester, we are always looking to connect with our audiences and gain new listeners through innovative ways. Our next step in this aim is to fundraise for equipment and services that will enable Radio2Funky to live stream, giving our audiences a first-hand look at our studio and interact with our DJs / Presenters.

Audiences will be able to take part in the stream via online messaging, allowing them to take part in live discussions, live competitions, and request shout-outs. We want to give audiences as much input as possible.

What We'll Deliver:

✨ Radio2Funky 95FM will have the tools to live stream shows via their website & on social media. 

✨ The live stream will be available for free to the Leicester community & beyond.

✨ Radio2Funky audiences will be able to interact with their favourite DJs / Presenters through live messaging/competitions.

Why it's a great idea:

This project will benefit a wide variety of diverse communities in the Leicester area. It will allow audiences to interact further with Radio2Funky, providing a wider reach to people interested in Black music and art.

This project will also directly benefit all of our DJs/Presenters who broadcast on Radio2Funky. We have a large roster of DJs/Presenters that will be given a new platform to share their voice and creativity, promoting talent in the Leicester area.