A project funded by Historic England

Exploring Leicester's Hidden Nightlife

We were awarded funding by Historic England, to run a project called Exploring Leicester’s Hidden Nightlife.

This project engaged over 30 volunteers in the research and development of an exhibition, which was hosted at Leicester Highcross from 7-17 September.

The exhibition examined changes in Leicester’s cultural landscape and nightclub building, as well as personal histories that bubble beneath the surface. We showcased the important history that we have visually recorded, through photographs, interviews, and other historic material.

This exciting project brought feelings of nostalgia for Leicester’s community by unearthing hidden tales of Leicester’s nightlife. We also highlighted the city’s importance as a major cultural, musical hub which has been influenced by working class people, particularly those of Black, African, and Caribbean ethnicities.

Venues included: Baileys, Luca, IL Rondo & much more!

Thank you everyone who came to check out this historic, free exhibition. It was definitely a walk down memory lane as we celebrated the perspectives of various audiences, artists, and promoters, with rare insights, un-seen photos, and first-hand accounts of people who have been part of an exciting, evolving scene.