Letís Play Vinyl

Letís Play Vinyl, is a new touring project that will include a high quality contemporary exhibition portraying UK sound system artists as productive entrepreneurs, creating their own arts ecology in modern day Britain. The touring exhibition will be accompanied by an interactive sound installation (consisting of a custom-built sound system, a turntable, Matamp Super Nova mixer/preamp, Matamp Quasar amplifiers and Fane loudspeakers) alongside a series of participatory workshops which express the artistic quality of this unique culture through visual arts, music technology and spoken word performances.

Donate to help support these activities that will take place in Leicester (October 2017), London (January 2018), Birmingham (March 2018) and Huddersfield (May 2018).

Since finding out about the project and hearing about how they need to raise additional money to make this happen - because it helps them get the rest of their funding from Arts Council, I thought I would like to get involved, as I think this is great and I would love to see this happen!

So, in working with Letís Go Yorkshire, the goal of this crowd fund is to use your pledge to support the following participatory workshops on tour: 

"How to Build a Sound SystemĒ workshop aimed at young people and adults x 4 workshops

The workshop will explore the technical and practical side of building sound systems through the act of making and doing. Participants will construct a speaker box from CNC cut plywood and install a high-quality speaker driver. The design of the speaker is based on the iconic ĎScoopí bass bin. The Scoop is a classic design and a favourite among contemporary reggae sound systems. This hands-on activity will be open to a wide range of participants. Using pre-cut wood will allow the speakers to be made without the use of power tools, making the activity safe for young people and easy for wood working novices. Building this miniaturised Scoop will introduce participants to some of the materials, techniques and concepts used to build a full sized sound system. The workshop will bring families together and engage participants across the generations, while learning the art of speaker building. Each participant will build their own functional loudspeaker that they can keep as a memento of the event.

"Toasting" workshop aimed at young people and adults x 8 workshops

Toasting is a style of lyrical chanting over a reggae rhythm or beat. The workshop will result in participants composing their own lyrics over dub beats and performing them in front of family and friends who may be new to arts activities. 

ďLetís Play VinylĒ workshop aimed at adults and older people x 8 workshops

The workshop will be led by a local sound system operator/ promoter who will begin the session with a dj performance on the interactive sound system. Participants will also have an opportunity to play their selection of reggae vinyl through the sound system, facilitating an immersive experience which forms an intrinsic part of the reggae sound system tradition. 

"Letís Play VinylĒ workshop aimed at children and families x 8 workshops

The workshop will develop kids understanding of vinyl records through art and tactile experiences. Participants will get to operate a 60s Dansette record player and play a record, exposing them to actual physical music; the interactive experience of holding a record in your hands, putting on a recordand spinning a tune on a turntable. The workshop will also include a craft activity sparking childrenís creative imagination to design and create colourful decorations using vinyl records.

In return for your generosity, Letís Go Yorkshire will plan on giving back to you in a number of ways:

  • List you as a contributor on the exhibition funders display board
  • List you as a contributor in the exhibition leaflet
  • Send you a limited edition custom printed slip mat
  • Send you a screen printed tote bag

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Letís Play Vinyl
Letís Play Vinyl is a touring project that will include a contemporary exhibition that will use your pledges to support workshops.