Festival2Funky Presents Shut It Down Dance Battles - £500 Prizes

Festival2Funky Presents Shut It Down Dance Battles - £500 Prizes

Festival2Funky Presented Shut It Down Dance Battles

 The Battles were Hosted by Frisco Boogie and music from DeeJay Gaz, dancers competed for a total prize fund of £500. Categories on the day included 1 vs 1 Hip Hop, House & Popping and 2
vs 2 All Style. Throughout the day there will also be plenty of time to cypher, exchange and get down with a prize for the Cypher King/Queen.

-Only the head judge selected from 1 vs 1 prelims. All three judges selected from 2 vs 2 prelim.
- Battles will be seeded for the prelim. 
- All three judges will judge battle stages.
- Judges will vote for the winner at the end of each battle.
- In the event of a tie dancers will go one more round - Judges must come to a decision - No ties.
- During the All Style prelim a selection of music will be played at the DJís discretion keeping a constant BPM throughout.
- During the battles stages again music will be played at the DJís discretion ranging from Hip Hop, Breaks, Funk, Disco, House, Juke etc.

Prizes Included: 
1 vs 1 Hip Hop £100
1 vs 1 House £100
1 vs 1 Popping £100
2 vs 2 All Style £150
Cypher King/Queen £50

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