Friday Night Residency

Friday Night Residency

BBC Asian Network (Most listened to Asian Radio Station in the UK, broadcasting on Radio, Online & On-Demand - has recently launched a new show called the Friday Night Residency.

The show aims to enhance the station's focus on younger audiences by building in DJ guest mixes.

I'd like to invite your DJ's to do a DJ guest Mix consisting of a mixture of their sounds incorporated with Asian Beats.

Duration of the mix will need to be approx. 30 mins. Below is a brief for the Mix.

It's a Hype show with Friday anthems!!! Could you put together something unique and distinct with the challenge?

The mix once agreed will also be available to listen to on BBC iPlayer and the BBC website. So even after broadcast it will have more opportunity to be shared and listened across our social media too. 

We launched the show a couple of weeks ago and had positive vibes from the industry/audience: Please find a link to some of the names/mixes we've had:


Its the hottest cuts and bangers all twisted and mashed up together to get you amped up for your Friday night.

Crammed full of Dance, Hip-Hop, Bass, House, Grime, Bollywood, Bhangra, South Asian Vibes and anything else to get the party started.

The challenge is to include as many tracks as possible in 30 minutes; with an aim to hit the target of 30. 


30 minutes in duration

No profanity / swear words

No more than 2 of your tracks/remixes/co-productions to be included in the mix

At least 5 tracks to have Desi elements either vocal, sample or instrumentation. We can supply a bulk of tracks for this.

Please send a track listing labelled like this : Artist - Title (Label)

Please use HQ WAV files and save mix as WAV. Delivery via filetransfer would be ideal


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Friday Night Residency
inviting DJ's to do a DJ guest Mix consisting of a mixture of their sounds incorporated with Asian Beats
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