Scrap, Revamp Black History Month

Scrap, Revamp Black History Month

Thursday 2 March 2017
De Monfort University, Clephan Building
Room 3.01

Should Black History Month be scrapped or revamped? Serendipity brings you an exclusive interview between the two cultural experts; Karen Salt and Mark Sealy. Karen is Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham, her work investigates the history of black sovereignty as exhibited and performed by Black nation-states. Mark Sealy MBE, a cultural historian and the Director of Autograph ABP, a visual arts organisation. Join us on Thursday 2 March, 6pmat De Montfort University to see these two experts discuss the relevance and suitability of the celebrations, whilst sharing some of the many memories that have been made during the past 30 years that Black History Month has been celebrated.

Black History Month was originally launched as a remembrance of traditional Black Culture and important historical figures. Many now argue that the interpretation of the event has changed, from remembering traditions to recognising the exotic cultural food and hair plaiting. On the defence, some say that the history of Black culture should be promoted and introduced within educational curriculum, the media and public life. Karen and Mark will explore both sides of the argument and provide individual perspectives on whether it is time to end this long standing event or invest in the rebuild. By the end of the interview, will we agree that the event should be scrapped or will we believe that Black History Month should be revamped?

The interview is being held as part of De Montfort University’s Cultural Exchanges Festival, an event that unites culture and industries, through a variety of talks, performances and discussions.

Scrap, Revamp Black History Month
Should Black History Month be scrapped or revamped?
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