Market Bosworth High School: Youth activities

2Funky Arts recently teamed up with Market Bosworth High School (MBHS), to run a project aimed at piloting and long-term planning for new youth arts provision in the Market Bosworth area. Funded by The Big Society, the project aimed to Identify existing gaps in after school youth provision at Market Bosworth High School, with a specific focus on arts and cultural engagement.  It also sought to generate evidence on the benefits and demand of running specific arts activities, in order to build the case for further funding. 2FA ran workshops in singing, MCing, DJing and Street Dance. Among the benefits were improving confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and physical fitness. We also ran consultation exercises across the school, to allow young people to have their say on future youth provision. We hope to team up with MBHS again, with support from future funders.

Anisa Burton, Head of Expressive Arts, said:

“I think that everything that you have offered is brilliant. The practitioners have demonstrated their expertise and have worked professionally with a friendly approach towards the young people. I have been impressed by the practitioner’s use of encouragement and praise for the young people. The young people have gained a huge amount in the little time that they have experienced.

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